Grace Kelly of Monaco. This picture was copied from:

As I mentioned above, it is useless to dress well and behave rudely. The secret is to walk with a lot of confidence and with a smile on your face, spreading sympathy and elegance, inner beauty and charisma is the foundation to elegance and classiness and it is eternal, and it tends to increase day after day, because those who are beautiful inside live life seeking to improve their inner light, so that it radiates to everyone around them. In addition, a smiling person has a lighter, healthier and therefore more attractive appearance when they smile.

Mitzi Gaynor this picture I’ve found on pinterest:

Being well educated and treating people well, for example saying good morning, good afternoon to people is something that elevates the spirit of a human being. 

Have confidence

Walking with confidence must be highlighted because walking with determination, having faith in yourself and being a table is a game changer. Because a woman having faith in herself is a universal engine of achievement.

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