I will tell you in a couple of posts how to be classy

This post will be very complete and I hope to help young women who are emerging into adulthood and are looking for tips to look fancier, more chic and more elegant. The focus of this post is to empower women who want to look more sophisticated and I will also bring tricks that can make a woman more confident.

Although it seems to be a cliché, it is worth remembering that appearance is not everything, but I would like to emphasize this because I don’t want the focus of this post to be futile or superficial, because I firmly believe that what matters most is the character of a person and certainly this characteristic that dignifies the human being, because there is no use for a person dressed in the best French brands, like Chanel or Dior from head to toe, and a Hermès Birkin, and being a dishonest person, or with rude and act with an impolite behavior, with arrogant and discriminatory manners towards other people. As James Dean, wisely said ‘’only the gentle are ever really strong’’. 

These tips I learned throughout my 20s, however I would have liked to have learned them earlier on my teens, however, it was not possible. For that reason I would love to assist other girls and young women who are emerging to adulthood and are trying to found themselves in this world. I genuinely would love to help those and therefore I hope these tips can be valid.

Some tips that I will give here will not need much investment, but there will be some items that I will point out that need more money / capital invested.

There are pieces that are important to pass vibrations of sophistication, gracefulness, charm and finesse. When the woman arrives somewhere and is well dressed, makes all the difference and these characteristics that transform a teenage girl into an adult woman, confident that she knows what she wants and knows where she is going and wants to lead her life on her own terms. A woman who builds the road where she intends to take her own steps each day, breaking down obstacles and placing a new asphalt in them in order to get where she wants. But for this to be possible, there needs to be an investment in the woman’s personal image because she makes all the difference. The image counts a lot, and it speaks before a person speaks.

Let’s start!

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