Vanity is a source of self-esteem to take care of yourself.  I strongly believe that taking care of my body is essential because the body is a sacred temple. Take care of diet routine, and do some kind of physical exercise, maintain a good physique. Also taking care of hair and skin is high-priority.


Taking care of the shine of the hair and the ends: Going to the salon all week is not necessary. When I was younger in my teenage years I used to go to the salon all week, now I go every 2 or 3 months. Plus, I’m not in panic about that because I have been learning how to take care of my hair by myself  with coconut oil and products that are ideal for my type of hair and I believe that this is very important for every woman. Having shiny hair with light and healthy ends makes all the difference, because when the hair is broken it can cause a tired appearance and this has a negative impact on the appearance. If the ends of the hair are damaged and they are too thin due to the chemical, ironing, or mistreatment it is always good to trim the ends of the hair. Following these steps, you will leave your hair fuller and therefore will result in a healthier appearance for your hair and face. since the hair is the frame of the face.

Before and after an intense moisture to the driest areas of my hair, and after that I dry and brush it and modeled it with hair curlers
I went to a local hairdresser at Utrecht’s Center to a boost on my hair, and improve the shine (black diamond hehe). By thee this beauty parlor visit was great.


An ideal stylish makeup could be defined as delicate makeup. Try to make your eyebrow look more natural. One tip I will give, inspired by Victoria’s Secret models is to comb your eyebrow up, with a very natural look and a very glow makeup. Don’t forget that you have to follow what suits your body. Try to follow a lighter makeup, with neutral colors and another tip is to use a very natural highlighter.


Nivea Amore Shine

Tip: always have a gloss in your bag, have a Nivea gloss / hydrant that is very affordable (around 3 euros) and always leave it in your bag because when your mouth is very dry, the gloss helps to moisturize and gives a little color and a health look.

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