It is better to have less clothes, however, clothes that have quality than to have an arsenal of low quality clothes. Some items from these cheaper stores that are mass produced are the type of clothes that are quite disposable. We use them sometimes and then the clothes are not pretty anymore and have to be used as pajamas or thrown away. If you still don’t have a lot of money to invest in more expensive boutique clothes, I’d suggest take a look at Zara. Although Zara is a fast fashion store, I believe that is possible to find some quality pieces there – items that look better structure than stores like H&M or Forever 21. Zara also pleases me because they take trends from luxury brands. Another tip is when a sale is happening and you have some free time my advice is: to go for a walk around the malls and the nice indie boutiques (by the way one of the nicest things of living in Europe is because of these indie stores in the city center, especially the dressmaking ones vintage vibes hihi). Walk around your city do a survey in the clothes and its materials and always avoid buying clothes ”made in China”. To always be classy, it is very important to check whether the quality of the fabric is good, whether it appears to be a fabric that will last a long time or not. In addition, it is foremost to pay attention of how the pieces of clothes fits your body figure- if it looks beautiful, and has a beautiful cut. The fabric of the clothes brings a sophistication to the look. Also, when shopping for clothes avoid those that are too wide on the body, pay attention in the manner in which something fits, if fits perfectly on your body type. Always try to choose clothes that are more correct on the body and with a more structured material. And again I will repeat: choose clothes that fits your body shape perfectly.

According to my observations I guess that curvy women like me should avoid wear clothes that show a lot of cleavage and thighs. But, for pear shaped girls or hourglasses it’s aesthetically pleasant to give more prominence to the lap, shoulders and the waist itself. Avoiding too wide and straight clothes is also a good thing. Examples of outfits that I think that matches nicely with my body shape:

Pencil Skirt  is great for curvy figure because it accentuates the curves, these clothing designs.helps to smooth the thickness of the thighs. Regardless your body shape, the secret is always to use some tailoring items (that looks like dressmaking clothes) it gives some chic & ”old money”vibes, as these pieces fit very well on the body. BTW, I’m living for this brand new DKNY I bought @ The Bijenkorf two weeks ago.

Please, don’t forget to iron the clothes you buy! This is a detail that makes all the difference in a look of a powerful woman.

For me, wearing dresses & high heels is synonymous of elegance (especially with Louboutins 😛 )

Another aspect that is worth mentioning is whenever you buy large pieces that will cover a large part of your body, such as a blazer or a jacket, a pair of pants try to invest a little more in the quality of this item. Because it is better to have one fabulous item, than to have four that are more or less.
I have the feeling that the classic style is translated into tailoring cuts, structured pieces and more sober colors, I love this beige jacket I simply believe that this article of clothing it’s a classic & timeless

Another thing to remember when it comes to elegance and classiness is: always prefer to invest in clothes with natural tones. For example, outfits of neon, normal colors do not show an air of elegance, another example is when you invest in pieces of very flashy colors or prints with a lot of information. Sometimes I like to wear prints, however, usually I regret of investing money on them because I’m not able to use these pieces a few times otherwise it will mark me too much, it’s a disadvantage. The trick is to invest in natural colors and more conservative looks that don’t attract much attention (in a negative way).

This outfit I bought last weekend when I went to shop at Batavia Stad. The whole outfit is of a breathtaking brand that I’m currently obsessed with: Goldie Estelle Couture #fabulous

That were the tips to the outfits, the next session will be about jewelry!

XOXO, Utrecht Beauty Blog 😉

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