Bohemian Style: It’s about Fashion, but a lifestyle

Bohemian style and being a Bohemian individual is a sewn sole, which represents a mental and life form from where it spreads out to social conventions.

This style, or lifestyle can be defined as anti-conformist. Wherefore, people who follows this style are not willing to follow mainstream rules. The bohemians follow a strong ideology based on knowledge, creation, intellectual enrichment or other cultural realities.

 ‘‘To the gypsy that remains

 She faces freedom

 With a little fear

 Well, I have no fear

 I have only love

 And if I was a child

 And the child was enough

 Enough for me to love

 Enough to love” – Fleetwood Mac

The term Bohemian appears in the nineteenth century with the literary work of Henri Murger, scenes of the Bohemian life (“Scènes de la Vie de Bohème” 1847-1849); which served as the basis for the libretto “La Boheme” by Giacomo Pucini. This term refers to gypsy cultures (called Bohemes in French), from the Bohemian region of the current Czech Republic.

The Bohemian individuals seeks above all to feel good about himself or herself, so he or she  gives priority to comfort; the bohemians are free spirits, they don’t give so much importance to labels, brands or trends, because this kind of people are artsy, they create their own indie  style based on their alternative way of living. Plus, bohemians dress code is less structure, divest and stripped they like and wear whatever they like without seeing much aesthetics, with self-confidence and awareness of what it is gives personality to everything they are wearing.

The way of dressing of the Bohemians was reinterpreted by the stylists and by great fashion houses; mixing it with the style of the Hippie and adding an occasional classic touch, resulting in the Boho-Chic or Bohemien-Chic style. This way of dressing, has its highest representatives in the world of art and culture. Figures such as Shakespeare, Modigliani and Winston Churchill were characterized by that form (scruffy or bohemian apparel), the latter (Churchill and Modigliani) being the highest representatives.

The roots of the Boho-Chic style was popularized in the late 60s by singers like  Janis Joplin and Chaka Khan. 

The current Bohemian or Boho-Chic is represented by Sienna Miller, Mary Key Olsen and Kate Moss, and also the iconic character of the TV series Gossip Girl, Serena van der Wooden inspired in artistic style, considered the latter the iconic figure of Boho-Chic. The Bohemians they live life like there’s no tomorrow, they have no limits, and they cultivate the intellect, the creativity. Therefore, that could be considered that his or her style comes from the inside out, managing to approach the conquest of such ambitious individuality.

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