Polka Dots ideas: A blend of rockabilly & pin-up styles finished off with a dose of edgy attitude.

It is super cool to explore polka dots patterns. These are very important items in any women’s wardrobe. You can look from very classy, to edgy or sexy when wearing these ornaments.

Lana Del Rey style: Being a Marilyn Monroe in times of Instagram classy & an edgy women
revolutionizing the foundation and the society’s mainstream dress code.

Retro Fashion Rockabily Style: The greaser girl 
This lookbook involved a blend of rockabilly & pin-up styles. I loved how I mixed it in a look so inspired by the past, some items as contemporary and modern as this Michael Kors bag and this very diva jacket by Ralph Lauren, which is a classic but is obviously a contemporary piece.
Sometimes I wish I could have a school. ”Learn all about being a vintage housewife and the 1950s housewife, everything from vintage cleaning tips, how to cook in a pin up style to how to dress with confidence an original 1959 vintage polka dot dress.” 😛

Retro aesthetic
Throughout the 1950s to 1960 (more or less) the emphasis on women’s waistlines changed dramatically from accentuated to obscured as women were beginning to express their own freedom yet still remaining conservative and elegant. Furthermore, fashion throughout the 50’s, more specifically the evolution of the waistline.

Modern days pin-up girl: Ever since I was little, I’ve been inspired by the Greaser Girl look. There’s a delicate balance to be found between the strong contrasts of red and black and the striking femininity of curly hair and winged eyeliner.
But, as we also have to adapt to today, I sometimes like to be inspired by that golden age with contemporary elements.
This dress is a mixture of old school glamor and elegance with the grace of today because it is practical because it can be used on several occasions that contemporary women have to subject themselves to: working, studying, driving, etc. I also chose in this lookbook to use this pink shoe from Schutz, these shoes are
dug and pointed. By showing the instep and having a long beak, they give the illusion of a few centimeters more. So it is great for those who want to stretch the silhouette and give the impression of having longer legs.

For those who wants to check the website,
it is worth checking out why Brazilian shoes are of excellent quality, and the price is relatively affordable. But, the content is in Portuguese.
This Schutz High Heels Women’s is the sweetheart of the time! Its high heel accompanied by the midfoot make the shoes comfortable and stylish. Every woman deserves to have a killer shoe in her clooset. Made of excellent quality material and covered with varnish, it is the ideal choice for you to rock that special occasion. In addition, the nude color is with everything in the spring/summer, allowing the combination with various styles of clothing.

Photo about summer holidays and vacation concept – girl in polka dots, cartwheel hat enjoying the wind sitting on the grass at the park.

Relaxing after a day of much study and work, but the good little girl style full of pearls and polka dots.
With the same skirt making two completely different styles. In the look on the right, it’s more ladylike, with this girlie shoe, with red heels, and this black satin blouse, I’m in a more conservative look. The outfit on the left is something more indie because the look is all avant-garde composed of pieces in black and white, wavy hair, and a T-shirt from the legendary progressive rock band Pink Floyd, album The Wall, one of the best psychedelic albums of all. times, so because of this tee the balls got a more alternative vibes.

At the Chanel boutique in Seattle. This photo was taken during a summer season that I spent in this wonderful American city. Therefore, the outfit is two pieces, a yellow linen blouse, and a polka dot skirt. I think for a sunny summer it was a very young look, girlie and also cheerful because of the pattern of the skirt and the vibrant color of the top.

These two looksbooks also differ a lot from each other and are composed of the same elements. Some small details make all the difference, in the lookbook on the left are more princess-like vibes, inspired by tales like Alice in Wonderland, with a very sophisticated tiara, and a pink top, which gives a little girlish impression, because it is a sweet color, the color of passion. The look and the attitude are totally different in the second photo, the skirt is the same, and I’m also wearing a top, but this time it is black. A pin up full of attitude and bad ass, with red platform shoes, a black blouse, Ruby lipstick from Mac. It is worth remembering that the color palette: black , white and red and fishnets were the tools that made this outfit more edgy.

I loved this lookbook. For me this outfit can be described as sexy and very chic. This doll-like heels with a round toe, this classic LV bag that belonged to my grandmother (maybe 40 or more years old), the skater polka dot skirt, and this top that accentuates the curved line from waist to hip highlighting this part of the woman is so beautiful and elegant!

You can also wear polka dot clothes to walk barefoot and lie all day on the grass, sunbathing and reflecting on life.

It is also possible to wear this type of dress for a walk, or to go on important occasions of the day to day like going to class or to work, even more combined with very cute shoes.
This lookbook of the photo, can be a look of going to the mall on the weekend, or going to a meeting, very eclectic!
It is always good for self-esteem to be well groomed!

Also a great look to go dancing at a party, especially if the music is good, who knows, maybe some Saturday night groove. Play some Rockabilly, DJ! I wanna dance some Elvis while dressed with my cutie polka dot dress & my mini LV bag 🙂
School Girls, Polka Dots & Pantyhose: It is also interesting to have a twinning day with your classmate and see how two girls can differ completely using a polka dot skirt. One wearing with booties, a more spacious bag, without much structure and more wavy hair, as well as a jacket that incorporates the bohème chic style. The other, it makes the style more preppy, with more structured pieces, lace blouse, doll-style shoes.

Doll-like mood: A colorful polka dot dress is also a great option. And besides, this included u always look like the perfect daughter and wife!

It is ideal for those who, like me, like to feel like a vintage Hollywood star from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Jane Mansfield mode on.

For a congress, or a conference, it is also very appropriate to dress in polka dots in a well behaved manner.

Stay at home on the weekend, especially on weekends that are warm, wear a polka dot skirt, with a top. A mixture of the glamor of the 50s with the heavy metal and stripped-down attitude of the 90s, such as the choker and the dark lipstick.
Being stylish on the weekend, and impressing the boyfriend with the bombshell style, it seems to be a great match, isn’t that true?!?

Also ideal to be used in a look composed of more mature pieces, like pumps, and combining polka dots with one of the most stylish ways to wear one of fashion’s most flattering creations: the pencil skirt, which besides being beautiful and elegant, gives a sober of an adult woman

Love is in the air. I love this aesthetic, of being in the sun, on a day full of beautiful energies, in this beautiful phase of my life called youth, being able to be in this flowy dress, with a color palette strictly black and white and sealing with this antique style hat.

Hope you all enjoy it.


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