Ready For The Apocalypse ???

Today, I will describe one of my favorites outfit choices: girly goth style. This kind of outfit has been part f my wardrobe since I was a teenager. Plus, it is very special to me because it’s not only about fashion & accessories, it describes a lot of elements of personality from ladylike with skater skirts, and girly items such as heels, and tiaras to elements that represents my deepest dark side such as gothic components. I like to be in touch with all the elements that define my personality, to dress according to my feelings and my worldview. For me, it is a way to express myself, and the dark side of my whole being, which exists intensely, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it is channeled in a positive, and a constructive way. Tomorrow is uncertain, and that is a good thing, because life is a box of surprises, and the moments that build us up are not just those of happiness. But uncertainties, the dark side of life, are part of everyday life and help us grow as human beings. We will allow ourselves to live the dark side, in an intense way, because these moments of darkness teach us to appreciate life!

I’m Ready For The Apocalypse: Looks like a tumblr “soft gothic” blog puked all over me. Nevertheless, in this lookbook, you can see different elements of my personality, my rebellious and rocker side demonstrated by Nirvana’s sweatshirt, by my simple but edgy makeup with Ruby red lipstick from Mac. However, you also see cute little girl elements, like for example my Bocage leather Oxford Shoes, and a classic “vintage” Louis Vuitton bag, that once belonged to my grandmother.
Heavy Metal Chick: Princess of the darkness a perfect mixture between Scandinavian Black Metal Style, with BURZUM tee, and preppy girl style. Black Metal is the most underground sub-genre of metal it’s full of angst, anger, hatred and loathing, a lot of their albums are full of senseless noise, but believe me or not IT’S MAGIC. Dark magic, evil magic, however beautiful and inspiring, an art made in the darkness of Nordic countries that reflects their months of darkness and looniness and their tempestuous feelings towards the world.
I can be wearing my DVF envelope dress or a rock t-shirt w/ a black leather skirt, and over the knee boots.
By the way this outfit is full of attitude highlighted by the choker. The way I’ll dress it’s heavily influenced on the mood I wake up on the day. You can be the biggest Rolling Stones fan and freak out about a pink Chanel clutch.
Rocker & Ladylike: two extremes, two totally different styles, each with its own characteristics and icons. However, I love to mix these two lifestyles and create my own fashion.

The Edgy Rocker style has various versions that heavier rock and metal style, it has more gothic rock, but we also have that more stripped and glam rock style. Girls who adhere to this style (glam rock style/ ”indie”) should never let go of their feminine side, but always embrace their powerful, ”bad ass” attitude, comfort and originality in your looks, and your life. Let’s face the Apocalypse because ”I’m strong, I’m invisible, I’m woman’‘ (Helen Reddy)

It also draws attention for the use of pieces in a totally heavy style, consisting of skirts, a rock band t-shirt, and its indispensable leather shoes, and a LV classic bag (or another brand it bag). The combination of a skirt, pantyhose, and a romantic hat is another highlight.

Rock n’Roll is a lot more than a musical style, ROCK N’ROLL is life. So, don’t be afraid of matching a Black Sabbath tee with Satanic symbols, with your best high heels. I feel like this outfit would probably been worn by Avril Lavigne in the early 2000s. 😛

Girly+edgy is such a fun and unexpected combo!

Anyone who is a fan of dresses and skirts does not want to give them up, not even when I’m dressing gothic or indie or not even when temperatures start to drop- as cold as in Scandinavia winter hihi, dresses or skirts are always part of myself doesn’t matter which scenario even when getting ready to the end of the World. The pantyhose is one of the greatest items to implement.
In addition to the classics we already know, new models come on the scene bringing unusual features, capable of making any look much more feminine and modern.
Cute edgy, girly goth moments in random everyday settings. Also, very fashionable with these futuristic sleepers. They feature a statement-making Lucite block heel for futuristic flair. At once versatile and sleek, matching perfectly with this Pink Floyd tee.
Both in summer and in winter, I pay attention to the small details to incorporate this mixture of styles that describe both my personality and my personal tastes and interests.
Basic Pantyhose + David Bowie tee: it is not because the different ones are on the rise that the more classic ones will be left behind. The thinner models, in yarn 15, or more full-bodied, in yarn 40, also continue to look good, even when straight. And they are great to use on looks that contain more information like this one in the picture, with Bowie’s image, the skirt, the hat, and the Dorothy Gale’s red heels inspired shoes.
Tights can and should be worn in looks with a more fashionable footprint. Whether it is colored, thick or thin and even printed, tights are versatile and can be worn with any production, especially with a letter jacket and a Ramones tee.
To end with a flourish this apocalyptic post. Me, with a very cute headband, that I’m wearing inspired by Blair Waldorf’s (from Gossip Girl) most preppy looks + round red nails vintage pin-up style. In contrast to all this,
a golden necklace with a pentagram pendant, the pentagram is a symbol rife with controversy in the Western world. Often portrayed as a symbolic representation of Satanism or Occultism, and it’s very present in the outfits of people who follow Black Metal, or Death Metal culture (s), a T-shirt from the Norwegian metal band: Mayhem. Mayhem, for those who doesn’t know is the band with the wildest story ever told.
But, this will be the subject for another post with more photos and lookbooks with a t-shirt from this demonic and sinister band. But it is worth remembering, of course, if the world does not end, in the face of this insane crisis that we are experiencing.

See you next time!


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