Today’s LookBook: Bohemian Princess

Today’s lookbook: I mixed fashion-forward and vintage pieces together for a look that is “boho chic” with a rocker-chick edge. However, without ceasing to be myself, with my sweet girlie self. Princess Janis Joplin
Ba&Sh Paris dress, vintage shoes from Zara 80s inspired, and a clutch from Carolina Herrera and red nail polish, which is the ultimate statement of glamour – a bold, look-at-me color that speaks of passion, fire and confidence. Today I get out of my comfort zone a little bit, because generally I prefer to be dressed in a more classic and more girlish way, with skater dresses and ladylike patterns. However, as I love fashion and like to venture out in different styles I bought this dress from Ba & Sh and I just fell in love with it, and with the whole concept of the brand, which I’m falling in love each day more, because I can see that the brand is not only about fashion, but translate a whole modern days “gypsy”, free spirit life style. I strongly believe that Ba&Sh is a bohemian wanderlust brand with a warrior spirit and a wild heart. Even though the itens are expensive- because of their high quality materials & fabrics the ideology of this brand can be translated like this: living a simple yet authentic life where freedom is everything (in my eyes the flowing clothes represent this freedom and that authenticity).
Make-up by Dior ultra rouge Dior lipstick; mascara Dior show iconic; Dior Backstage cool rosy foundation; Dior sorbète cream (moisturiser) and Siebel Juweliers and HStern Jewelry + vintage Turkish gold bracelets .

I incorporates splashes of red into my outfit in the form of, lipstick, and nail polish. Gold bracelets and rings to complete the gypsy-glam look

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