Special moments in my life inspired by David Bowie’s style.

Color palette: black, white & red + god accents such as the details of the Chanel Classic Bag &
all my jewelry and accessories are in golden gold. I mixed both indie and ladylike styles. A classic David Bowie shirt, a classic tailored black jacket. I also love how girly & romantic this skater skirt with this Jorge Bischoff (great and affordable Brazilian brand) https://www.jorgebischoff.com.br/ ruby slippers inspired.

This photo was taken in July/2016 in Utrecht. This outfit is casual, but very modern. I think this aviator-style ray-ban, with a basic band blouse, a black skirt and a sneaker perfect for cycling in this beautiful Dutch summer, and also to be ”Instagram Ready” hihi.
These wonderful images are from when I was hiking in British Columbia August 2017. I was in the Vancouver area, as I went on a road trip with my family through the state of Washington in the United States and the state of British Columbia in Canada. I miss her a lot, besides this outfit being style and cool, I miss this landscape.

This outfit and its details inspired by the 90s grunge style: This checkered shirt tied at my waist is making a statement, especially combined with these vans, and the polka dots socks.

I also liked the black skirt, it is a very basic one and it has a skater style (even because I needed a shorts underneath so it would have to be a skirt like that).
This leather backpack blends perfectly with such a youthful and comfortable lookbook, and it makes a perfect balance between being a little girl but at the same time there a more rebellious attitude.

I was younger in this photo, I was still a teenager, and I liked to wear alternative clothes. This outfit was inspired by the fans of David Bowie from the movie Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo. Very Christiane F style, kinda ripped shirt, leather skirt, spike bracelet.

Christiane F: Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo 1981. Natja Brunckhorst & David Bowie ❤️

This photo was these days I loved this outfit mainly because it illustrates my personality well, and it is also my phase today: a young adult woman.

My color palette that day was: gold, black and white + the Michael Kors brown & gold clutch. I loved this golden tiara, and gold Bowie’s star man shirt details in contrast to my black hair, golden with very dark hair has always been a perfect combination, since ancient times. Cleopatra vibes.

This retro style skirt is an original 50s pin-up skirt, I bought it at the thrift shop.
I love exploring this concept of mixing a more ladylike style with something more edgy, I have to admit that I love it, I felt a little bit indie.
Without a doubt, David Bowie was a great fashion icon, especially for the gender-bender concept that he explored in the 70s. I went to an exhibition in Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, his exhibition was only about David Bowie, and showed his costumes, and all his contribution to popular culture.

Thank you for your legacy, Bowie!

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